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Podcast: Fuld fokus på fankultur i Tyskland

As promised, we are ready with a podcast that puts great emphasis on the fan culture in German football. Why is the Bundesliga the benchmark for the other leagues when it comes to getting the best and most authentic stadium experience?

Scaffolding, cheap tickets, alcohol, offshore fans and good infrastructure. The reasons are many why Germany and the Bundesliga, in particular, have the reputation of being the place with the best fan culture, but the panel goes deeper than just the classic reasons when, in this issue of German fan culture, they try to explain the familiar mood of the stadium based on a historical and cultural perspective, as well as pleasing parts of their own experiences from visits to various stadiums in both the Bundesliga and the smaller ranks.

In addition, there will also be time to round the remaining rounds in both the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, where the panel predicts a close battle for the last Champions League place, while we also look at HSV and their problems, which may well cost. them a promotion to the best row.

The trio is always composed by Nicolai Lisberg and Arnela Muminovic with Benjamin Leander as host.

Do you want to experience the amazing fan culture yourself, then look at how to get tickets for your next football trip to Germany.

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