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Lær at oddse med asian handicap på Bundesligaen

Have you not yet become acquainted with Asian disabilities? Then it’s about time now. In any case, if you want to improve your chances of winning when playing on the Bundesliga or another of the big football races.


The Asian handicaps can act as insurance

The vast majority of bookmakers have long since established Asian handicaps (or Asian handicaps, if desired) in their product, and it can actually be quite smart to play with Asian handicaps. As the headline reveals, asian handicaps can act as a kind of insurance where you get your wager (or parts of your bet) returned if it doesn’t go completely as hoped.

Let’s play with the idea that Bayern Munich will play home game against Schalke 04. The normal odds in the 1st century (odds 1.20) do not tempt you, and you may also have scam that Robert Lewandowski and co. can win with a few excess goals. Instead of playing a traditional European handicap all “Bayern Munich (0-2)” (odds 2.38) you can choose to play an Asian handicap like “Bayern Munich -2 (AH)” (odds 1.96 ). The odds are lower, yes, but in return you also get the money back if Bayern Munich wins with exactly two goals margin. By “Bayern Munich (0-2)” the game is lost completely if Bayern Munich only wins with two goals.


Asian handicaps are available in half and quarter

You do not have to settle for whole handicaps (as described above) when playing with Asian handicaps. You can also choose to play with half and even quarter handicaps.

If we keep the example from before, for example. play “Bayern Munich -2.5 (AH)” (odds 2.50) or “Bayern Munich -2.25 (AH)” (odds 2.23). The half handicaps function in the same way as the “normal” European handicaps, and “Bayern Munich -2.5 (AH)” is thus completely the same game as “Bayern Munich (0-2)”. However, the trained eye has noticed that the odds are different, even though the game is identical. And this is not a mistake: this is due to the difference in the market. You simply do well to take the higher odds, which will usually be what you get with Asian handicaps.

If you have played “Bayern Munich -2.25 (AH)”, you will receive full win if Bayern Munich wins with three excess goals. On the other hand, you lose only half your bet if they win with exactly two goals.


You can also play Asian handicaps on the number of goals

It is not only in the winning market that you find Asian handicaps. You can easily apply the game type to markets such as above / below goals and number of corners. If you played “Over 3.0 goals (AH)”, you get the bet back at exactly three goals in the match, while four goals or more naturally trigger full win.

You can see tables and read much more about Asian handicaps HERE .